Oh happy days....

That song was in my head ALL day because one of the little ones in my class was singing it this morning!  It was great to hear.  After all the good book says we should have a joyous song bubbling from within.

Today was awesome.  This morning WE GOT OUR CLASSROOM BACK!  Yay, it was great to visit the other room, but home is all the sweeter now.  It was CRAZY in here today and trying to organize and teach at the same time are not activities which can be completed simultaneously.  So, with some early morning elbow greasy, some after school tidying, some help from other amazing staff members and some forethought...I think it is a go!

Chapel today was great, the kids got to learn all about forgiveness and the weight that unforgiveness heaps on us if we let it.  This is a great lesson for all of us, but I think a HUGE one for grade ones who are just learning what it is like to be out there in the real world.  It was presented by Springs Inner City.  They were great!

We started a fun project in geography - we are learning about communities - from our street to our earth and everything in between.  They should be dried and finished by Monday for them to show you.  They will be super excited, they are working hard on them!

ASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAs you saw earlier, we also did some work with germs again.  Today we looked at the outcome of our science experiment last week, and talked about why we should want to be clean.  This was only funny because some of the answers were all to honest {I want to be clean because I am not allowed to tell my mom I hate baths.  I like to be muddy} cracked me up, and so did {I like to be clean because friends don't play with you if you are stinky}.  Now, they both missed the point of the question entirely [we were looking for something along the lines of "because I don't want to get sick or make others sick"] but in originality they get a million points.

I am going to be starting card club at school in the next week (or so).  These cards are some I made with grade 5 girls and boys at Victor Mager school a few years ago.  We made 2 cards each week for 7 weeks and had a ton of fun! I am not sure how elaborate I can get with grade ones, but we will have a lot of fun together.  Forms for this will be sent home in the next little while.


Mrs. Hildebrand

Reminders: Spelling Test Tomorrow, Field Trip Forms are due, keep practicing January memory verses.