Oh dear, Friday is almost here!

This week has FLOWN by!  We have been having a lot of fun working with poetry, germs, and senses {oh my!}. I really get excited when the littles get excited about learning.

We started the day by jumping right into working on our poetry – acrostic poetry that is.  We worked on using describing words.  We went letter by letter and talked about the differences between words that describe us and the things that we like.  Apple and an apple lover, angel and angelic, lovable and love.  They are getting pretty good at knowing the difference with a little guidance. We will be finishing our rainbow namebows.

We also finished our “Guess Where We are” game where the students describe secret place using their senses and then other littles have to guess where they are.  They were in places like the rodeo, the beach, the circus, a hockey game, etc.  Some of the things they described were so funny – like tasting tuna sandwiches at the beach, or eating hot dogs thhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss big at the hockey game.

Chapel was also today, and Mrs. Dueck told us about being scared of going for surgery on her leg after it was broken and praying to find peace.  Her whole message was awesome – ask your little one about it!

We also learned about GERMS!  We watched a cute little youtube video Germ War: and the PDI team.  We looked at how germs are spread and how we can keep ourselves safe from getting INFECTED!  We then soaped up our hands with some special soap.  It had glitter in it and we looked at how far the germs {glitter} moved.  We pretended to cough into our hands and then touched things around the room and it was funny to hear how grossed out they were to think about the millions of germs all around them.


Spelling Test Tomorrow, Field Trip forms are due soon and so are book order forms. Hot lunch forms are due.  If you are interested in helping out in the class with some reading – we would love to have you!