Honey, it is COLD outside!

And isn't it?  Minus 43...brrr!  Indoor recess obviously!

Today has been productive, and I love when that happens.  We did our verse practice, calendar, had French (which they are amazing at), reviewed guided reading and strategies before we gear up for another round of guided reading in 1A.  We are going to focus strongly on reading strategies and what makes good readers.  Everyone has moved up at least one or two levels so I am super excited to get started! 

Guided reading will consist of 20 minutes of reading with me, in a group, or to themselves.  Then there will be 20 minutes of word work (which is focused), and then 20 minutes of journaling about what we have learned or read.  It is going to be awesome.

This afternoon we are finishing up some List poems last class.  Today we GET LIBRARY!!  With all the construction that is going on we haven't had library since before Christmas - so this is great news!  We love Mrs. Clark.

This weeks spelling words are:

gave, save, brave

tire, fire, hire

bite, kite, white



Reminders: field trip forms are due, spelling test Wednesday, scripture verse is due in just over a week, please practice word cards with your child :o)


Mrs. Hildebrand