Good afternoon!  I thought I would take a moment and update the blog.  I have been very absent this week.  My WHOLE family has been sick.  From Mom and Dad, to each of our five kids.  Flu.  Yuck.  So as soon as I leaveschool I become SuperMom (and have to put SuperTeacher away for the evening.)

However, I wanted to do a quick update.  We are working this week on germs still - talking about handwashing and getting sick.  We are going to look at some real life pictures of germs off the internet - that will be funny.  they are so gross looking but give a whole new perspective as to why we want to wash our hands!

We wrapped up Joshua and Caleb and are having our test tomorrow.  Today we talked about the 12 stones and how to remember the things God has done for us and be thankful and draw strength from those things when it seems like God might not be listening.  We also practiced the right way to share Jesus without being {creepy}! Our words and actions go a long way and we practiced the right and wrong way to share our faith with others.

Continued working with money - we did human grouping yesterday and the kids loved it.  I think that the big stickers activities are some of their favourites!  I put stickers on them with different coins - 5 cents, a nickel, a quarter, 25 cents etc.  and then I put an amount of money on the board and they have to quickly and quietly get into groups that equal that amount.  This is how we lead into talking about how many pennies in a nickel, how many nickels in a dime, how many dimes in a quarter, how many ways can you make 30 cents and so on.  It's good to have that visual.

We read to self today and are working on mini book reports; author, title, summary and picture. They are still having some trouble summarizing, but I think it is important for them to summarize so that they can determine for themselves if they know what they are reading and if it makes sense.  This helps them choose books at their level.  Who wants to read a book you don't understand!  This also becomes an important tool later in school when we need to work on essays, papers, or book reports!  Never to early to start!

Lastly, spelling words for this week:

may   pray   say

drip   skip   trip

pick   sick   trick


I am going to start sending home some extra practice for the students scoring 5 and under consistantly, there is nothing wrong with a little extra practice.  Plus, if kids know something needs to be handed in to the teacher they are generally more willing to put the effort in independantly.

Reminders: Field trip forms due, early dismissal today, spelling test Friday.