Finally, a REAL update!

This week has been a bit of a blur, in my house it has been sickness to sickness!  Thank God that he grants us the strength to get through everything we need to.  However, it has made me a rather lazy blogger.  The Ipad and pictures have been my source of posting this week, and for this I apologize.  I thought I would grab a few minutes while the kids were in gym to update classroom happenings.

We are still working on the senses – this week we learned about our eyes and the functions different parts have {eyelashes keep dust and dirt out, eyelids moisten, protect, and shade etc..}  The supplies you saw in the last picture were for making our own model eyes which we are going to label Monday or Tuesday.  This was a fun activity.

In math we are working hard still at number sense and fluency [calendar, morning work, board examples, word problems}.  Patterning {morning books, art, movement}. Money {calendar, booklet, real life examples}.  We are also focusing in on counting up, counting back, and grouping. 

In Social Studies we are still learning about mapping and location.  We are going to be painting our “globe” for our concentric circle location/community project.  I am excited!

In ELA we are journaling our little hearts out, working on book reports (yes book reports – author, title, summary}, Poetry {we have done list poems and acrostics which they adored!}.  Focusing on sentence structure and reading strategies. We made our own Snowman at Night pages for the display board and they are completed and ready to be put up for open house. Due to student numbers in 1A being down due to this stinkin’ flu I waited until this next Monday to start guided reading.

I had some AWESOME parent volunteers read to the littles – and it was HUGELY APPRECIATED! REading to someone outloud is a powerful tool.

We wrapped up Gideon, and will be testing on Tuesday.  They enjoyed hearing about how 300 men conquered an army too large to number without even fighting them – they all yelled God is GOOD! In praise and worship we sang Jesus is a cool dude and Hosannah.  they love the two songs!


Mrs. Hildebrand