Back in the swing of things :o)

Today was a day of firsts.

We started the day with an intro to Joshua and Caleb.  We talked about how God had delivered the people of Israel and were faithful to them as they travelled – even when their faith in him wasn’t always evident.  Moses was told to send spies into the Promised Land – so he chose 12 spies image (3)including Josh and Caleb.  They saw the amazing things God had planned for them- great soil, plentiful harvests, many cities, strong buildings, a future!  They also saw giants and tall walls in the fortified cities.  Josh and Caleb told the children of Israel – come on bro we can do it (obviously paraphrased!) but the other ten placed fear and doubt in the majority.  Once again they lost faith in the God who had always proven himself faithful.  For this the children of Israel would not be able to enter into the Promised Land until every man over the age 20 had passed away – except Josh and Caleb who remained steadfast.

This tied nicely into Mark 12:30 – Love the Lord Your God with all your strength, and all your mind, and all your soul, and all your heart.  So we had a scavenger hunt for each word of the verse and then I had the kids put it all together and read it to me.  They had a lot of fun.

We are trying to keep up with calendar – we today being the 8th and the 73rd day of school meant working with those two numbers.  We counted by 2’s and fives, tallied, subitized, made them both in coins and talked about predicting numbers before and after both.

We also started our look at money, well more in depth anyways.  We spelled, tallied, subitized, skip counted and coloured money today. They are all catching on pretty quick.  If you want to practice with them at home (it is a great way to teaching adding, counting on, skip counting etc.) click below and download the sheets.  We are using them in class, but you could also ask them to use the coins to do things like make 35 in three ways, or how many ways can you make 43?

Money Work

We also started looking at maps!  We used a big world map to look at land and water masses, continents, countries, provinces, citiimagees, communities.  We used the I-pad to look at the countries on a globe and compared it to the wall map.  Then we used a Google Earth app to zoom in on communities and talk about how they are different than a city.  We coloured our own maps and labeled the country and the province and talked some more about official languages. We are going to be learning the national anthem in both languages and talking history next so I sang them both to introduce the idea of nationally official languages.

We started looking at Poetry and drew a Poet Tree on the board (I will have to make anchor charts when I get my room back).  We brainstormed what we knew about poetry, what types of poetry there were, and why we would want to write poetry (I stressed to express emotions and feeling or image (4)tell a story as well as to work on fluency.  I am teaching them the word fluency so that they understand that taking ownership of what they learn and why they choose to learn is very important). I think it is amazing that they recognized poetry from so many places – books, commercials, praise and worship music, nursery rhymes, even classroom management (as a whole class they recited: the first thing I do is always the same, I pick up a pencil and write my name!).  It was too darn cute.

Finally we topped off the day and started looking at our bodies and which parts are responsible for our 5 senses.  They seem really excited about science again, and that makes me so happy!


Spelling test tomorrow.  Field trip forms are due soon.


Mrs. Hildebrand