Desk checks happen occasionally now. if the desk passes inspection they get a candy...if not they get to clean it up! This has worked!

What a crazy week!

This week has FLOWN by, seriously.  The kids are just about to come back from indoor recess (it is a little frigid out there today) so I thought I would do a quick update.

In bible we are starting the psalms tomorrow.  I am going to love that one - songs that magnify God, appeal to our healer, thank our Prince of peace...can you really go wrong teaching that?

Today we started doubles.  Doubles {a number doubled, or a number plus itself} end with the kids verbally saying their doubles from 1 to 10 and getting a cute certificate and entering into the Double Bubble club. They are excited.  Today we are doing some visual and kinaesthetic examples.

Bell went, more later!

Our field trip went awesome.  First of all..kudo's to my amazing volunteers.  We had Mr. Didham, Mrs. McCarthy, and Mrs. Remple with us. Without them our field trip would not have gone nearly as smoothly - so a million thanks.  Also, I was so proud of the littles - they had so many questions.  For the first time I got to use my geology degree to explain volcanic rocks!  I was so excited. 

We learned about how people are all different [clothes, houses, food, practices] but are also all the same [ need love, shelter, clothes, water, oxygen etc.}.  I was very proud of my grade ones, when they were asked what we all had in common J. replied - "We were all made by God!"  That is why christian education is so valuable.  What a foundation! And without any shyness or hesitation too.

Tomorrow is a special day.  I am planning Dragon Fruit Day.  I know, it is odd.  BUT I think a willingness to try new things and to learn to not judge a book [or fruit] by its cover is important.  Wish me luck!


Mrs. Hildebrand




We are talking about which winter activities we have done this year and practicing tallying, graphing, and interpreting data.




This weeks spelling words.

We are authors!!


Today we read Snowmen All Year and decided we liked it so much that we made our own. The kids each chose a season from an empty tissue box and thought of something fun to do in that season with their snowy pal and since we are doing poetry, the two lines have to rhyme. we are going to scan them, read them out and hopefully upload them online for you all to read!


Finally, a REAL update!

This week has been a bit of a blur, in my house it has been sickness to sickness!  Thank God that he grants us the strength to get through everything we need to.  However, it has made me a rather lazy blogger.  The Ipad and pictures have been my source of posting this week, and for this I apologize.  I thought I would grab a few minutes while the kids were in gym to update classroom happenings.

We are still working on the senses – this week we learned about our eyes and the functions different parts have {eyelashes keep dust and dirt out, eyelids moisten, protect, and shade etc..}  The supplies you saw in the last picture were for making our own model eyes which we are going to label Monday or Tuesday.  This was a fun activity.

In math we are working hard still at number sense and fluency [calendar, morning work, board examples, word problems}.  Patterning {morning books, art, movement}. Money {calendar, booklet, real life examples}.  We are also focusing in on counting up, counting back, and grouping. 

In Social Studies we are still learning about mapping and location.  We are going to be painting our “globe” for our concentric circle location/community project.  I am excited!

In ELA we are journaling our little hearts out, working on book reports (yes book reports – author, title, summary}, Poetry {we have done list poems and acrostics which they adored!}.  Focusing on sentence structure and reading strategies. We made our own Snowman at Night pages for the display board and they are completed and ready to be put up for open house. Due to student numbers in 1A being down due to this stinkin’ flu I waited until this next Monday to start guided reading.

I had some AWESOME parent volunteers read to the littles – and it was HUGELY APPRECIATED! REading to someone outloud is a powerful tool.

We wrapped up Gideon, and will be testing on Tuesday.  They enjoyed hearing about how 300 men conquered an army too large to number without even fighting them – they all yelled God is GOOD! In praise and worship we sang Jesus is a cool dude and Hosannah.  they love the two songs!


Mrs. Hildebrand


Honey, it is COLD outside!

And isn't it?  Minus 43...brrr!  Indoor recess obviously!

Today has been productive, and I love when that happens.  We did our verse practice, calendar, had French (which they are amazing at), reviewed guided reading and strategies before we gear up for another round of guided reading in 1A.  We are going to focus strongly on reading strategies and what makes good readers.  Everyone has moved up at least one or two levels so I am super excited to get started! 

Guided reading will consist of 20 minutes of reading with me, in a group, or to themselves.  Then there will be 20 minutes of word work (which is focused), and then 20 minutes of journaling about what we have learned or read.  It is going to be awesome.

This afternoon we are finishing up some List poems last class.  Today we GET LIBRARY!!  With all the construction that is going on we haven't had library since before Christmas - so this is great news!  We love Mrs. Clark.

This weeks spelling words are:

gave, save, brave

tire, fire, hire

bite, kite, white



Reminders: field trip forms are due, spelling test Wednesday, scripture verse is due in just over a week, please practice word cards with your child :o)


Mrs. Hildebrand

gearing up for guided reading


Gearing up for guided reading!




Chocolate tasting and brainstorming. Could there be anything more fun?


Oh happy days....

That song was in my head ALL day because one of the little ones in my class was singing it this morning!  It was great to hear.  After all the good book says we should have a joyous song bubbling from within.

Today was awesome.  This morning WE GOT OUR CLASSROOM BACK!  Yay, it was great to visit the other room, but home is all the sweeter now.  It was CRAZY in here today and trying to organize and teach at the same time are not activities which can be completed simultaneously.  So, with some early morning elbow greasy, some after school tidying, some help from other amazing staff members and some forethought...I think it is a go!

Chapel today was great, the kids got to learn all about forgiveness and the weight that unforgiveness heaps on us if we let it.  This is a great lesson for all of us, but I think a HUGE one for grade ones who are just learning what it is like to be out there in the real world.  It was presented by Springs Inner City.  They were great!

We started a fun project in geography - we are learning about communities - from our street to our earth and everything in between.  They should be dried and finished by Monday for them to show you.  They will be super excited, they are working hard on them!

ASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAs you saw earlier, we also did some work with germs again.  Today we looked at the outcome of our science experiment last week, and talked about why we should want to be clean.  This was only funny because some of the answers were all to honest {I want to be clean because I am not allowed to tell my mom I hate baths.  I like to be muddy} cracked me up, and so did {I like to be clean because friends don't play with you if you are stinky}.  Now, they both missed the point of the question entirely [we were looking for something along the lines of "because I don't want to get sick or make others sick"] but in originality they get a million points.

I am going to be starting card club at school in the next week (or so).  These cards are some I made with grade 5 girls and boys at Victor Mager school a few years ago.  We made 2 cards each week for 7 weeks and had a ton of fun! I am not sure how elaborate I can get with grade ones, but we will have a lot of fun together.  Forms for this will be sent home in the next little while.


Mrs. Hildebrand

Reminders: Spelling Test Tomorrow, Field Trip Forms are due, keep practicing January memory verses.





we just practiced what 20 seconds feels like and looked at pictures of real germs!


Good afternoon!  I thought I would take a moment and update the blog.  I have been very absent this week.  My WHOLE family has been sick.  From Mom and Dad, to each of our five kids.  Flu.  Yuck.  So as soon as I leaveschool I become SuperMom (and have to put SuperTeacher away for the evening.)

However, I wanted to do a quick update.  We are working this week on germs still - talking about handwashing and getting sick.  We are going to look at some real life pictures of germs off the internet - that will be funny.  they are so gross looking but give a whole new perspective as to why we want to wash our hands!

We wrapped up Joshua and Caleb and are having our test tomorrow.  Today we talked about the 12 stones and how to remember the things God has done for us and be thankful and draw strength from those things when it seems like God might not be listening.  We also practiced the right way to share Jesus without being {creepy}! Our words and actions go a long way and we practiced the right and wrong way to share our faith with others.

Continued working with money - we did human grouping yesterday and the kids loved it.  I think that the big stickers activities are some of their favourites!  I put stickers on them with different coins - 5 cents, a nickel, a quarter, 25 cents etc.  and then I put an amount of money on the board and they have to quickly and quietly get into groups that equal that amount.  This is how we lead into talking about how many pennies in a nickel, how many nickels in a dime, how many dimes in a quarter, how many ways can you make 30 cents and so on.  It's good to have that visual.

We read to self today and are working on mini book reports; author, title, summary and picture. They are still having some trouble summarizing, but I think it is important for them to summarize so that they can determine for themselves if they know what they are reading and if it makes sense.  This helps them choose books at their level.  Who wants to read a book you don't understand!  This also becomes an important tool later in school when we need to work on essays, papers, or book reports!  Never to early to start!

Lastly, spelling words for this week:

may   pray   say

drip   skip   trip

pick   sick   trick


I am going to start sending home some extra practice for the students scoring 5 and under consistantly, there is nothing wrong with a little extra practice.  Plus, if kids know something needs to be handed in to the teacher they are generally more willing to put the effort in independantly.

Reminders: Field trip forms due, early dismissal today, spelling test Friday.


Interesting Article

on why we use Elkonin boxes, never heard {read} it so simply. These are a great tool to use as a parent as well.

Check it out ---> http://www.readingrockets.org/strategies/elkonin_boxes/



Mrs. Hildebrand


Oh dear, Friday is almost here!

This week has FLOWN by!  We have been having a lot of fun working with poetry, germs, and senses {oh my!}. I really get excited when the littles get excited about learning.

We started the day by jumping right into working on our poetry – acrostic poetry that is.  We worked on using describing words.  We went letter by letter and talked about the differences between words that describe us and the things that we like.  Apple and an apple lover, angel and angelic, lovable and love.  They are getting pretty good at knowing the difference with a little guidance. We will be finishing our rainbow namebows.

We also finished our “Guess Where We are” game where the students describe secret place using their senses and then other littles have to guess where they are.  They were in places like the rodeo, the beach, the circus, a hockey game, etc.  Some of the things they described were so funny – like tasting tuna sandwiches at the beach, or eating hot dogs thhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss big at the hockey game.

Chapel was also today, and Mrs. Dueck told us about being scared of going for surgery on her leg after it was broken and praying to find peace.  Her whole message was awesome – ask your little one about it!

We also learned about GERMS!  We watched a cute little youtube video Germ War: and the PDI team.  We looked at how germs are spread and how we can keep ourselves safe from getting INFECTED!  We then soaped up our hands with some special soap.  It had glitter in it and we looked at how far the germs {glitter} moved.  We pretended to cough into our hands and then touched things around the room and it was funny to hear how grossed out they were to think about the millions of germs all around them.


Spelling Test Tomorrow, Field Trip forms are due soon and so are book order forms. Hot lunch forms are due.  If you are interested in helping out in the class with some reading – we would love to have you!



learning about The Great Germ War and the PDI team (protect don't infect).

Name-bow Rainbows


We are working on part of our acrostic poem project, name bow rainbows.


Using our senses.


The students have 15 minutes to brainstorm what they would see, hear, taste, touch, smell at a secret location only they know. When we come back as a group we will be guessing where the groups are based on how they describe it!

Little poets!


Little poets!



Back in the swing of things :o)

Today was a day of firsts.

We started the day with an intro to Joshua and Caleb.  We talked about how God had delivered the people of Israel and were faithful to them as they travelled – even when their faith in him wasn’t always evident.  Moses was told to send spies into the Promised Land – so he chose 12 spies image (3)including Josh and Caleb.  They saw the amazing things God had planned for them- great soil, plentiful harvests, many cities, strong buildings, a future!  They also saw giants and tall walls in the fortified cities.  Josh and Caleb told the children of Israel – come on bro we can do it (obviously paraphrased!) but the other ten placed fear and doubt in the majority.  Once again they lost faith in the God who had always proven himself faithful.  For this the children of Israel would not be able to enter into the Promised Land until every man over the age 20 had passed away – except Josh and Caleb who remained steadfast.

This tied nicely into Mark 12:30 – Love the Lord Your God with all your strength, and all your mind, and all your soul, and all your heart.  So we had a scavenger hunt for each word of the verse and then I had the kids put it all together and read it to me.  They had a lot of fun.

We are trying to keep up with calendar – we today being the 8th and the 73rd day of school meant working with those two numbers.  We counted by 2’s and fives, tallied, subitized, made them both in coins and talked about predicting numbers before and after both.

We also started our look at money, well more in depth anyways.  We spelled, tallied, subitized, skip counted and coloured money today. They are all catching on pretty quick.  If you want to practice with them at home (it is a great way to teaching adding, counting on, skip counting etc.) click below and download the sheets.  We are using them in class, but you could also ask them to use the coins to do things like make 35 in three ways, or how many ways can you make 43?

Money Work

We also started looking at maps!  We used a big world map to look at land and water masses, continents, countries, provinces, citiimagees, communities.  We used the I-pad to look at the countries on a globe and compared it to the wall map.  Then we used a Google Earth app to zoom in on communities and talk about how they are different than a city.  We coloured our own maps and labeled the country and the province and talked some more about official languages. We are going to be learning the national anthem in both languages and talking history next so I sang them both to introduce the idea of nationally official languages.

We started looking at Poetry and drew a Poet Tree on the board (I will have to make anchor charts when I get my room back).  We brainstormed what we knew about poetry, what types of poetry there were, and why we would want to write poetry (I stressed to express emotions and feeling or image (4)tell a story as well as to work on fluency.  I am teaching them the word fluency so that they understand that taking ownership of what they learn and why they choose to learn is very important). I think it is amazing that they recognized poetry from so many places – books, commercials, praise and worship music, nursery rhymes, even classroom management (as a whole class they recited: the first thing I do is always the same, I pick up a pencil and write my name!).  It was too darn cute.

Finally we topped off the day and started looking at our bodies and which parts are responsible for our 5 senses.  They seem really excited about science again, and that makes me so happy!


Spelling test tomorrow.  Field trip forms are due soon.


Mrs. Hildebrand

Working hard



Happy Back to School!


I hope that you all had a great Christmas break and had lot of time to spend with loved ones and make some great memories!

Back at school today was a bit of a turn-around!  I came in this morning to see that the tiles were being put into our classroom!  We have found our new home in the front hallway in the room next to preschool.  For those of you who attend Springs it is in the 12-18m nursery room.  Considering we were not 100 percent prepared for this move today  things went very well and we have come to enjoy our new space – well, until next Wednesday anyhow.

January means the beginning of a bunch of new units in our room.  Bye-bye gingerbread theme and hello snowman theme!  Our overarching theme is the chilly dudes we all love to build.  Curriculum-ly ( I realize that is not a word :o)  ) speaking we are moving on to My Environment (mapping, community, global perspective), money and shapes in math ( while still reviewing everything we have already learned), Exploring the 5 Senses, Poetry, Germs, and a greater focus on guided reading and reading strategies.  It is going to be a blast!

If you want to peek at what we are doing you can check out the two of the previews here (the rest are not up yet):



This week’s spelling words:

-ig family

-ike family

-ing verbs (action words)










Challenge word: who



Mrs. Hildebrand