Wednesday Night - Pre-chapel prep!

Today everyone was so quiet! I think after the excitement of the Christmas Concert they were worn out!  We did our spelling test, worked on printing and math, had a really fun Healthy Eating Relay, made cards for the seniors at the care home we are visiting on Friday, and practiced for chapel!

I am excited about chapel – I am so proud of how much work they are doing and how well they are picking it all up! It is a lot for even as adult to remember!

We are continuing our prayer a day chain – this week it has been parents, and self-control, and for healing in our bodies.  If you would like to pray with us tomorrow is going to be for Mrs. Fligg who is having some surgery this week, as well as for the construction workers who are all over our building working hard to make it beautiful in the midst of all the Christmas Craziness.

Have a great night!

Mrs. Hildebrand

Notes: Kids are to wear black pants and a white shirt tomorrow.  Friday they should have their green springs shirts on.  If you have not paid for your Tshirt yet please do so ASAP! Friday will still be our spelling test - it will be after lunch!