One day left!!!

This is the first post I am posting from the class IPad. I have to say that this typing is a little rough for me!

Today the class was a little crazy! I can tell that Christmas is upon us. Pi have to y a very large thank you for the wonderful gifts. I told the kids that I loved owls and angel wings and they have
Found a variety of ways to bless me with them, and glittery pens! Am so blessed to teach such awesome kids.

Today we did school wide carolling in the morning and followed it with a spelling test. hey did pretty good considering we have had little class time to practice and I a sure homes are bustling with activity! We had part one of our party in the afternoon, had snacks and hung out. We also watched The Story Fairy. You can look the show up on YouTube, it is produced by the parents of one of my students, and you can see her in the show. Great stories and a very cute dragon held the kids attention, check it out!

We continued our RACK giving, although we had to have another student hand them out for us. we gave candy canes to the patrols who helped the kids in and out of the car after school and who did pylons. They do such great work for us that it had to be rewarded! Thank you to our little elf and to the kids who came up with the idea, you are awesome.

Mrs. Hildebrand

note: gift exchange tomorrow and early dismissal at 2 pm.