Happy Break!

I just spent an hour taking down all the gingerbread themed activities and posters in our room to make ready for January and our new theme. It looks all ready to go.

The kids were CRAZY today, so very, very, excited! I got so many wonderful gifts, and about 2 million hugs and 50 invitations to Christmas. I so appreciate all the students in my room, they are all so special. I even treated one little student to a special gift - smoked oysters (that was alllllllll he wated for christmas this year!). I thought that was adorable. Thank you all for the party food, the gift exchange gifts, and the love you pour into your kids.

We did a spelling test today, but since we started party round two at lunch today I have not marked them yet. If you want your childs mark you can email me erhildebrand@springs.ca and I will send you the mark once they are done.

I am feeling very blessed today and it has lead to some reflection. I believe it was His calling on our hearts that helps us choose what we want to do in the greater scheme of things. He hand-picked those of us who are parents and teachers to care for, love, teach, and protect all of His little angels here on Earth until they return to Him. How amazing to know that God has such faith in us that he trusts us with these little souls! Remember that the next time you think you don't have it all together yet - God thought I could do this and He beleives in me!


Mrs. Hildebrand