December already!!

Dec 3 picsQuick blog post before this teacher helps her daughter finish building a plane for science! Today was a super busy day  (but aren’t they all?) .

Friday was a super day!  We did a bunch of things but I got the most feedback from the science experiment we did.  We are looking at cause and effect and using what learned about the scientific procedures like making a prediction, doing an experiment in a controlled environment, and checking your prediction against the factual outcomes to see if we were right or wrong and talk about why we were right or wrong.

We reviewed the story The Gingerbread Man and talked about how in the stories we have been reading the Gingerbread Man is always climbing on the fox/wolf head to get away from the water.  We came up with logical reasons why he would not want to get wet; we would fall apart, he would get soggy, his sprinkles would come off, he would sink etc.  We made a prediction about what we thought our cookie would do in water.  Then we tested our prediction, made some observations, and followed up our experiment with looking at if we were right or wrong.  Most of our cookies fell apart. Only three got soggy but remained intact. My class LOVES science!

During bible today I asked the kids if they have ever played a game without knowing all the rules.  They all had.  Last Wednesday we had Mrs. Wannamaker’s Grade 2 class in our room to play math games.  Kids were waiting for me to explain some of the rules and while they waited for me to circulate they tried playing by themselves.  This led to confusion, several people making rules and trying to change others rules for personal gain, and no one knew what to do or how to win.

We then switched gears and talked about all the different ways we can talk to our friends; email, letter mail, texts, face to face, phone call, even cup phone (this was legitimately suggested by a student).  When we talk to God there are many ways as well; praise and worship, prayer, talking to him in your head or out loud.

I told them that Moses went up to Mount Sinai and talked with God and God told him that if the Hebrew people were going to live successfully and in peace they needed some rules – 10 rules in fact.   Special rules called – commandments. The kids really understood why these rules were important.  I covered all 10 commandments and what they meant.

We also talked about the fact that even though the rules were made a LONG time ago they are still important to living a peaceful and obedient life.  We talked about some real life examples of these things in our lives.

Today we also talked about why Christmas is important – not the presents (although we agreed that we all like presents) but because of Jesus and how he came to set us free and give us a way to heaven.  Further, he came to show us how to live so we could be a light in the darkness.

We used prayer today to talk to God about some special things.  On my desk is a Christmas countdown calendar and each day we are going to pray for someone or something special.  Today we did three since we missed the 1st and 2nd.  We prayed for angel to be encamped around about us as we travel in cars, planes, or on skidoos etc.  We also prayed for the inner city and the people we know may not have the best Christmas and maybe are having trouble with homelessness or poverty and winter is extra hard for them, and we also prayed for Mrs. Dueck who is recovering from surgery today.  We also wrote special messages to the inner city as part of a school wide project.

We did our chapel practice before the end of the day and the kids are getting SO GOOD AT IT!  I am stoked to have you guys come see us perform.

Today was also our spelling lesson, and here are this week’s words:

-ust family: must   trust   just

-ash family: mash   splash    cash

-ank family: drank   blank   sank

Challenge word: where


Mrs. Hildebrand