Two posts today, I am on fire!

We are working hard in 1A!  We have started several new things, and are hard at work solidifying others.

We made gingerbread men last Thursday, and they were terribly cute.  They had to choose a character that they could put into a Gingerbread man type book.  They had to decorate him and then choose an animal or person that their gingerbread being had run from.  We had a gingerbread ninja, a gingerbread princess, a gingerbread monster and so many other creative ideas.

We also talked about the different gingerbread stories we have read and compared two of them; what was different in each story and what was the same (Gingerbread Boy and Gingerbread Cowboy). We used a venn diagram to comare the two.  They made some great comparisons!

Monday we did our spelling lesson, and we also talked about making “ten” in different ways.  I had each of the students put a sticker on.  These stickers has things like 5 cents, two fingers up, three tally marks, the number four, the word five etc.  and they had to follow my instructions to do things like make groups of ten, make groups of fifteen, find someone with one more or less than your number, all the same numbers in a group etc.  They really liked it!

We also talked about  beginning, middle, and end of a story again.  We used the book the Gingerbread Girl to discuss the three parts of a story.  They filled out a worksheet that shared a summary sentence and asked them to illustrate their sentence.  For the most part I think they are really beginning to understand how to separate the parts of a story, and how to start summarizing ideas.

We did a lesson on oridinal numbers today too; First, Second, Third etc.  We talked about what they each meant; first (1), second (2).  I  then had 10 students put on stickers that said First through Tenth and line up at the front of the room  and had the kids on the carpet organize them into a line that was in the right order.  It was funny to watch because first and fifth are spelled so closely that they switched places a few times before I asked them to look at the spelling carefully .  We then did a colouring activity to see if they had grasped the idea – using the letters of Gingerbread and some directions like “Colour the third letter blule, Colour the seventh letter purple..” . We will do a few follow up lessons on this throughout the year.

Our word work today asked the kids to put their spelling words into alphabtical order.  We talked about what it meant, and did a bunch of examples together but they didn’t do so well on paper.  There were only a handful of groups that got the words right.  We will be doing this activity together on Thursday to make sure they understand what it means to putthings in alphabetical order. I know they can do it – we just have to keep chipping away at it.


Mrs. Hildebrand