Thursday already!

Where does time go? This week is almost over already!

Today continued to read another gingerbread story – Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett.  That makes number 4 of our gingerbread stories.  I have a whole slew of them to read over the next few weeks.  So far they have loved the Gingerbread Cowboy the best overall.  It has some funny characters in it as well.

We have also started practicing for our chapel presentation in a few weeks – December 13th I think. We have some AWESOME things lined up!  That is all I am going to say.

Today we covered some new ground – practicing the gingerbread poems I have written for the class to learn and read.  They LOVED them.  They love rhyming words and putting a rhyming poem to actions is one of their favourite things to do. We will be using the poems to explore our own poetry and to practice the elements of writing so we can prepare for making comics :o)

Today we also did some word work; cutting and pasting uppercase and lower case letters to spell this week’s spelling words. This is still pretty hard for some of the kids to do so I am trying to give them some extra practice. Cutting is also a good idea because it helps develop their motor skills.

Today was chapel and Mrs. Joyal’s and Mrs. Chomiak’s Grade One and Kindergarten classes presented their chapel.  They shared all about Christmas bells!


They did an amazing job and my class enjoyed the last video which featured a bunch of animals singing jingle bells.  It elicited a bunch of giggles from our section for sure!


This is the song we listened to today as past of bible.  The song is parachute and talks about how God saves us like a parachute.  We listened to it and talked about how God saved the Hewbrews from the egyptians because of Moses' faith. He parted the sea with a mighty wind and delivered them from destruction.  God can TOTALLY do this for us!  they loved this song (almost as much as Fresh IE!)

---- >   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-1uJaYYBns