Let the crazy begin!

Today was a CRAZY day at school!  Crazy, but great.  We started out day with a chapel practice in the Kindergarten room.  We ran through our chapel program and started working out the kinks.  It is going to be super cute.  It is December 13th – we will be making invitations to send home as reminders closer to the date.  Don’t miss it.

After our morning practice we learned that a special guest had been in our room the night before and hand left us a message:

Dear Grade 1A,

I had nine gummy bears on my tummy.  When I was running from the pig I dropped three.  Could you please help me figure out how many gummy bears I have left?

Thank you,

The Gingerbread Baby.

We worked the problem out on the board and decided as a group that he would have 6 gummy bear buttons left.  We wrote a reply back to the Gingerbread Baby and the kids are excited about the next “special message” they will get. This is an introduction to problem solving and how to recognize subtraction and addition problems.  This was also the focus of our journal writing this week – they were THAT excited about the message.  I love that they love to learn!

The afternoon was our first stage practice for the Christmas concert – they did amazing considering it consists of a LOT of sitting and in Grade One that sometimes is not so much fun.  My choreography kids blew my mind, all they need to work on was singing while dancing instead of looking scared :o)

We ended the day with a short game.  My class loves to play games – a lot.  We play a lot of educational games, or games that build teamwork or problem solving.  I have posted pictures of a few of their favourites; silent ball (passing a ball using no voices only eye contact and body language to communicate), Shuttles and Comets and Doubles hopping which focuses on adding numbers on dice quickly and correctly.  Color my Number where the kids roll dice and color in squares, the one with the most squares wins at the end.  7-up which is a card game that looks at number sequencing and more and less than. Ratouki is a class favourite, and it uses numbers in a bunch of different ways (two fingers, the number two, two dots, two tally marks, the word two for example) to increase number recognition and speed.

Reminders: Book orders due Dec. 3.  Spelling test tomorrow. Please make sure your little one has INDOOR and OUTDOOR shoes and comes with a hat, mitts, and scarf.


Mrs. Hildebrand

A NOTE: Some of the kids asked me to share this link with you, this was one of our favourite "jumping" praise and worship songs :o)  They are a great band (although they are no longer together) and you should check out some of their other music, the kids love it! We alsways talk about how we can make a difference if we ARE DIFFERENT!!

- - - - > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4B9Rgebq7U Philmont - the Difference