Happy Veteran's Week

Is anyone enjoying the weather outside?  It can’t decide if it wants to rain or snow.  As long as it melts – I am happy!

This week is veteran’s week so we are learning lots about the men and women who have served our country. We talked about soldiers who serve in wars all over the world, Canada’s unique role as peace keepers, and that a veteran is a soldier who has served in a war and returned home. We even talked about their special license plates – with the V and the poppy on them and how whenever you see a license plate like that you should pray for that person and thank God for their selflessness.

We used describing words – adjectives to describe veterans – they come up with some great words; brave, servant, thankful, strong, and generous. We then talked about ways that we could show our gratitude to people who have protected us by serving in the war; visit a cenotaph, observe a minute of silence, pray for soldiers, thank a veteran, attend a service, or wear a poppy.

As a class we created three messages of thankfulness and each wrote a postcard to a veteran, and then I will mail them to Deer Lodge tomorrow.  This was done through the poppies of peace project which is great.  I have worked in a care home where man and women have received postcards or small gifts on Remembrance Day and it has touched their hearts. For many people it is a sad day – and this can turn it around.

We also wrote a special message to our special student from last week.  They are getting much better at formatting a letter – even a short one.

We also had reading buddies last class, and a spelling lesson.  This week’s spelling words are:


Reminders: Spelling test Wednesday.  Report cards are out next week.