Happy long weekend!

Happy Long Weekend!

Thursday and Friday in 1A were AWESOME!  Thursday we even had a special guest – a grade 9 student from SCA who joined us for a youth-at-work day.  Ms. Shirley was in the room with us helping out, reading with the kids, working on literacy with them, and just being fun! Thank you Ms. Shirley!

Yesterday we took the day to learn about shapes.  We talked about different kinds of shapes – what they looked like, what things were made up of those shapes all around us, and what makes the each unique.  We even learned a GRADE 5 word for squares, rectangles and other shapes with parallel sides – parallelograms!

We drew a shape family – Mr. Square, Mrs. Rectangle, Stan Star, Hermioney Heart, Baby Triangle, Donnie Diamond, Grandpa Oval and Grandma Circle.  They loved this part of the activity. We then took a bunch of shapes and created shape pictures (creatures or scenery).  There was some amazing artwork!

We also did some word work and spelling tests.  Today the word work was so far one of their favorites.  I used our spelling words to write a short story.  They had to read the story find the works and graph how many of each word they could find! They could barely make it through the instructions.  I had to ask politely to hold onto a lot of pencils so they would wait for me to explain what we were doing! I am thankful they are so keen to learn.

In bible we are wrapping up Joseph.  Monday will be the last of learning about him and we will be onto the next bible story!

Today was our Remembrance Day (Veterans Day) chapel.  It was a time where the kids got to reflect on freedom and peace and how to honor people who sacrifice their lives for us.  We watched a great musical montage with clips of the world wars and more recent wars in which Canadian soldiers served.  I think it was great at impressing upon us who are so far removed from the front lines that war is more than an idea.  Freedom is not free; it comes at a terrible but amazing price.  We should honor and pray for those who lay their lives down for us each day in the military (not just the soldiers on the front lines either – but all those soldiers and veterans who protect our freedom in a myriad of ways!)

God Bless!!

Mrs. Hildebrand