Good evening ladies and gentlemen (moms and dads) and students :o)

I have to say that Monday is an interesting day in Grade 1, the kids come back full of stories and energy that I wish I could bottle!

Today FLEW by!  We started with calendar and then we had French along with Mr. Joyal’s Grade One Class.  Mrs. Janzen taught both together so they could watch the video together.  She has let me know how AWESOME our class is at French.  We practice our French whenever we can; calendar (we have counted to 53 in French), attendance, and now when going to the bathroom.

We also did our spelling lesson for the day and learned about three new word families!


-ock   family-ag   family-op   family
Challenge word : were


We are going to have fun with word work this week!

The kids are now fluent at the poems we have been learning with our gingerbread unit – I wrote three short poems for the kids to learn.  If you read this post ask them to recite this one with actions;

Baking up a batch of gingerbread,

Spicy, sweet, and brown.

Grandma’s old rolling pin

rolls it up and down.

Cookie cutters cut the dough,

into yummy ginger men!

I think I may have one or two…

Or five, or six, or TEN!

They do such a good job of that one!  We also did a lesson today on syllables and sorted students into classroom corners according to how many syllables (claps) they had in their names.  We are using this lesson and others to support learning we are doing about vowels and consonants as well as how words are formed.

Tomorrow is our first on stage practice for the Christmas concert and the kids are pretty excited!  I am too!  They know their songs so well – they are going to totally rock!

In math we are moving into some new ideas – doubles and groups within 10 and 20.  This is in addition to our usual looks at addition, subtraction, how numbers are made, sequencing etc.  They are really growing in their use of numbers!  I am so proud of them!


Mrs. Hildebrand