Busy busy!

The last two days have been hectic but fulfilling in 1A.  Yesterday we did calendar, the last practice of the October verse and praise and worship.  We were listening to different types of music and talking about how different types of music can glorify God.  We listened to From the Inside out by Hillsong, and then we listened to God of this city by Fresh IE featuring Blue Tree.  The kids loved it. (You can see it here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R15-jjx6fjI ). We used this song as a jumping off point to pray for the people of our city, the people who run our city, for people visiting our city, and to be able to impact the people in this city with our lives.  It was awesome.

This was also a jumping board for talking about Joseph and the story of how he came to impact a nation. We read about how Joseph was Jacob’s favourite son and how his coat of many colors made the other brothers mad so they plotted to kill him but instead sold him into slavery.   This was a great starting point for talking about jealousy and how God wants us to be happy when the people around us are blessed. We are continuing this story in bible over the next few days.

We have played musical chairs, sight word memory, had our spelling pretest, and watched a Bill Nye the science guy video on Buoyancy.  The video was tied into our investigations into sinking and floating. Yesterday we also had a special School spirit Snack – blue juice and pumpkin shaped cookies to wrap up our pumpkin unit.

We are going to be diving more deeply into the needs of humans and animals and how they are the different and the same.  This will link back to our first weeks of school and the things that God created in the garden for Adam and Eve.

We are also starting a new thematic unit – gingerbread.  Our Math and ELA activities will be mostly themed to this – but will still reach curricular outcomes.  A little bit of science and social will be thrown in too!

Reminders: Book orders are due tomorrow, October scripture verses are no longer being said, spelling test tomorrow, please send your parent-teacher forms back A.S.A.P., and if any parents are interested in volunteering in class we are going to be starting reading groups very soon and would love some help implementing this! Report cards are coming up too!

God Bless!

Mrs. Hildebrand