Back to work!

I love Mondays. Why? The kids come back full of stories to share and energy that I wish I could bottle! This morning we finished Joseph’s story – how he forgave his brothers and how God used his bad circumstances to save his family in their time of need. We used some real life analogies to explain how something not so great can be turned into something awesome when you let God take over your life and follow him diligently and trust him always.
We did our next spelling lesson – week six. They are getting better all the time at doing the work independently. Today’s words for this week are:
straw gum path
saw drum math
law hum bath

The pretest will be Wednesday morning like usual. We will be doing word work every day this week again to reinforce their learning.
Today we introduced our new theme – Gingerbread. We did our first craftivity – to color by code a gingerbread man using commonly used words like and or are.
Today the kids had library – they got three books today – they are super lucky. They were great books that will be at the book fair during parent teacher. I think their favorite was Introducing Little Jack Horner. Ask them about it – they are good at retelling stories!
Last class we talked about traditions and make a web of things that our families consider traditions. We looked at how each family celebrates Christmas (from making a cake for Jesus to visiting south Africa!) and Easter (decorating eggs and visiting Grandma’s house for instance) to initiate the idea that traditions don’t just have to happen on holidays! We talked about visiting the lake the first warm day in summer, making harvest soup when the garden is ready to be harvested, buying first day of school clothes the week before school etc. Tomorrow we are going to draw and write about a tradition that our family feels is special. So maybe if you find some time tomorrow morning or if you see this before you tuck them in – share a few ideas!
Reminder: If you are interested in taking part we will be taking one day in December and making gingerbread cookies. This will call for several volunteers to go smoothly!

Just a note - I have uploaded several of our class lessons onto Teacher Pay Teacher if you want to hit preview you can get a peek at some of what they are doing!

Gingerbread Math Activities: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Gingerbread-Themed-Math-Activities-and-Worksheets

Gingerbread Themed Literacy Centers/Word Work : http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Gingerbread-themed-Literacy-CentersWord-Work-Station