And we need more paper towels…

Today we started by doing calendar – they are getting great at skip counting by 2, 5 and ten. They expecially love to do it if we do it with a pirate voice – argh.
In bible we talked some more about Joseph and how even though bad things happened to him he NEVER complained, he just trusted God to see him through to the other side. His brothers plotted to kill him, sold him into slavery, he was lied about by Potiphar’s wife and ended up in jail and then after he interprets the dream of the butler and the baker the butler forgets to speak to the pharoah about him so he remains in jail for years. Sounds pretty rough to me! So today we talked about a trusting heart being a heart that does not complain!
Today we also did word work – we all did rainbow words. We roll a dice and each number is correlated with a colour on the board. They have to write out each word after rolling to see what colour it should be. They like writing with markers :o).
We also did journaling – we wrote a journal message sharing how thankful we all are to the brave men and women who serve our country in the war. We continues to talk about the different people who all serve our country in the military (from jet refuelers, pwople who fly supplies over seas, geographers who make military maps, nurses, cooks, teachers…and so on!). Then we drew a picture to illustrate something we are thankful for or something that symbolizes peace.
We also did some dice math – the kids each roll a dice and record their numbers on a sheet then they add them together. We also are working on great and less than using the dice. We learned about how Pac-Man always eats the GREATER number (the one who is bigger or worth more). They did really good at this!
As you may have heard from your little one – we had some issues with children being sick. A few people ended the day by losing their lunch . A bad flu (but quick) has been rampaging through 1A so I pray an extra blessing upon you and your family for health, healing, and a good nights sleep. God bless!
Mrs. Hildebrand