What a cold rainy day!

What a cold day!
Don’t get me wrong! I welcome the rain as opposed to the snow because I know that once the snow is here it is likely to stick around for a looooooong time.
Today we had a bible test – all about Abraham and Isaac. The class did great. When we had our wrap up talk they did an awesome job of telling me about how Abraham trusted God and how God blessed him.
Today we also did some word work – today we stuck with the pumpkin theme we have going and did a pumpkin patch word sort. The students got into partners and sorted –en, -it, and long e pumpkins into the right pumpkin patches. Once the words were sorted they recorded them onto a sheet which I marked to see if they understood how the words were categorized. They had a lot of fun.
We have also been learning about patterns - yesterday it was AB patterns and today was AAB patterns. We learn what each type of pattern means, and then we replicate it with colours, shapes, movements and numbers. They catch on really quick – and they really love the movement pieces. Ask them to show you each pattern – they were really excited to do them in class. Tomorrow we are learning about ABB patterns.
Tomorrow is the spelling pretest – and here are the words (they were sent home last week, we didn’t have a test last week  )
Anyone interested in coming into the classroom is more than welcome to come and do small group or one on one reading with the students – it is a great way to help them increase their vocabulary and to get the more quiet students reading!
Also if there are any parents interested in sending in a traditional snack from their family’s culture/nationality we are going to be talking about traditions and heritage over the next week or so!

sit hen me
hit ten he
pit pen she

Mrs. Hildebrand


PS.  If you are interested in taking a first hand look at the word work here is the original document that I made to use in the classroom. Enjoy.

The Pumpkin Patch Word Sort