Visit to pumpkin town!

Today we started out with calendar as usual!  The kids are getting really good at counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.  We have even started throwing in counting by 3s to change things up a bit.  We count forward in French and backwards in English.  They love it.  Today we even counted with our eyes closed! Then we say our scripture verse as a group.

In bible we are learning about Jacob and Esau and how Esau sold his birthright to Esau for a bowl of stew.  We talked about the promises that God made to Abraham (to bless his family and make him the father of many nations, and to give him the blessing of a child even though him and his wife were quite old).  Isaac was born unto Abraham and Sarah and was later married to Rebekah.  Rebekah became pregnant with twins and God told Rebekah and Isaac that the older brother would serve the younger brother (we talked about how odd this was a loooooong time ago!).  Tomorrow we are going to continue on with this lesson.

We worked on word work again, this time we did a cut and paste activity that got them to match beginning sounds with word families (-en, -it and long e) to make spelling words.  They always enjoy using scissors and glue.

We also studied a new kind of pattern today – ABB.  We reviewed AB, AAB and then moved onto ABB so we could see the similarities (two elements) and the differences (how often they occur). We always start with the letters ABBABBABBABB, move onto color ABBABBABBABBABB, then to shape 〇☐☐〇☐☐〇☐☐, then include movement slap-jump-jump-slap-jump-jump-slap-jump-jump, and then in song half note, quarter note, quarter note etc.  I give them a strip of paper and get them to create their own pattern to make sure they understand the concept at the end.  They have nailed this for the most part.  They get very excited when they see the pattern set up on the board – which I am glad for!

Today was our vice-principals birthday – so we made her a big card and delivered it to the office.  The kids all signed their name – they loved hiding the secret and working “undercover” so that she wouldn’t see the card or find out what they were doing.

We read a great book called Pumpkin Town.  In this book four brothers and a father are pumpkin farmers and by accident at harvest time they end up spreading seeds into a village at the bottom of the hill.  The pumpkins take over the town and start destroying things, so the brothers sneak into town in the middle of the night and harvest the pumpkins and clean up all the vines.  In return for their work they are given watermelons.  Long story short – the seeds from the watermelon are scattered into the town at the bottom of the hill and it eludes that the same thing will happen again. We used this story to talk about the beginning (the who, what, where and when of the story), the middle (the action of the story), and the end (how things are wrapped up) of the story.  We divided a paper into three sections and the kids all drew their understanding of the begging, middle, and end of the story we had read.  They worked on this very well.

We finished the day with a spelling test – which went pretty well.  Said appeared to be a hard word for them to spell – but they did a good job of sounding it out and most of them guessed s-e-d.  We will have the final test Friday afternoon, and we will work  in class on the words a few more times yet.

REMINDER: Chocolate sales money is PAST DUE and we have been reminded to tell you it should be in asap.  Pictures are due tomorrow.  I am also wanting to mention that I will be accepting book orders until next Friday as per a few parents request :o).


Mrs. Hildebrand