Tuesday – and introducing the kids to word work!

Our day started off with talking more about Noah and the ark.  I gave the kids a simple origami dove (essentially a large square with lines in it) –  directed them to cut out the large square and then told them what it was supposed to be and how big it would be.  I didn’t direct them anymore and watched them struggle for two full minutes to try and do as I asked.  This lesson was to show us how hard it must have been for Noah to build an ark when he didn’t even know what it looked like! Then, I told them to have faith in me and I would tell them each step as we went through it together.  This was, of course, must more successful.  We then talked about how Noah having faith in God and knowing that God would never mislead him was important to the ark being built correctly.  We also talked about how if we listen to God’s still, quiet voice He will direct our path!

In the afternoon we started our word work; we had four “stations” today.  They use this week’s spelling words (posted in the last blog entry) and give them several different ways to practice them.  Today we did Broken Words, Crossword, Stamp Words, and Code Words.

  • Broken Words; I tell the kids I dropped our spelling words and they must “put them back together”, recording the words they find.  The words are cut into two pieces – the beginning sound and the word family (p and in for example). And they match up the two pieces using the spelling words as a “guide”.

  • Cross Word; just like it sounds – they must find each of the spelling words in a simple crossword and record them in the word bank.

  • Stamp Words; they use large stamps to stamp out each of their spelling words.

  • Code words: they use a “code” I provide them to turn their spelling words into codes that a partner must decode.

They did awesome considering this is the first time we have done these stations.  Each week I will be introducing four stations to help them master their spelling words.


Mrs. Hildebrand