Squirrels, bears, and birds...OH MY!

Chapel today was presented by the principal of SCA, Mrs. Darcy Bayne.  She did an awesome job of illustrating through interaction how we can fix our attention on God (his word his way of doing things) so that we may be changed from the inside out. Ask the kids about it – they would probably love to tell you all about it!

In science we are studying the seasons.  We have already investigated how the seasons affect us (our jobs, our clothes, our activities, our way of life), how seasons affect our environment (looking at the signs of turning seasons for some hint), that God created seasons for a special purpose, and today we moved on to study how seasons affect animals.  We talked about squirrels, bears, and birds as examples that the kids were familiar with.

Our science lesson introduced the foundation of our art lesson.  We used the ideas of texture to start our art lesson.  Instead of using scissors the kids had to tear the shapes they wanted for their birds; body, head, beak, and legs.  We added some feathers for wings and then coloured the back ground with markers. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of this because for a portion of this activity I was in a meeting and someone else was helping the kids out.  I am marking them tomorrow, so you will get to see then soon however.

We also did some more word work to help the kids get a handle on Friday’s spelling test words.

Today was also the first choreography practice for the grade one choreography team for the Christmas concert.  I had so many kids interested in being part of the team that I had to draw names out of a box!  Mrs. Joyal had to do the same! We practiced the first part over lunch and the kids did amazing. This is a stretch for me, God gave me many gifts but I have never considered dancing to be one of them!  However, I am enjoying it immensely.

Reminder: Spelling test tomorrow.

Note: Some of you have approached me about different ways of helping your kids “get” their spelling words.  There are several strategies that may work:

  • have them use the words in sentences,

  • play hang man with them using the current spelling words,

  • review the letter sounds with them by singing the alphabet song using the sounds of the letters instead of the name or have them sing the starfall.com ABC song with you ( this web site is also a great way to support letter familiarity, http://www.starfall.com/n/level-k/index/play.htm?f ),

  • have them write the words out several times and then read them to you,

  • find some books that use the words in them so the kids are exposed to the words in a real life way,

  • give them practice spelling tests at home.

Often kids who confuse letters may just need a few reminders; for example,

“Cot, how do you spell cot?”


“Hmm, what sound does a D make?  Can you think of a word that starts with D? Is that the right sound, now listen again…C-O-T.”

Although strategies help – repetition is a big factor for many students just learning to read and spell. I encourage them all the time to try and try again. We also pray that their minds will be sponges and soak up the words so that when they need them they can be brought to their remembrance.  We also pray for peace and confidence heading into spelling tests.


Mrs. Hildebrand