Pumpkin ho!

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving weekend!  I heard from the kids that they all had a great time.

Today is 1a we took a few minutes to have a circle meeting and thank God for the things that were important to us.  We then took 10 or so minutes and had some praise and worship time – the kids love praise and worship time.  We worshipped to Chris Tomlin again as well as One Way by Hillsong.  This is one of the classrooms favorite times!

We started and finished a pumpkin booklet today; we talked about using our 5 senses to look at pumpkins – what it smells, feels, tastes, looks, and sounds like.  We tasted the pumpkin seeds from our pumpkin, I had taken them home cleaned them and baked them. All in all they had some great observations.  We also did some graphing and graphed who had and had not gone pumpkin picking.  We used this information to talk about which side of the chart had more, what more looks like, and that more also means greater.

I used Pac-man to talk about great and less than and it something that really works with the kids.  Pac man < or > likes to eat the greater number (the number that symbolizes more).  They did awesome work looking at more or less in numbers under 40.

In social studies we are starting to hone in on identity as part of belonging and how we can “belong” in a myriad of different groups at the same time.  Their homework today was to empty their take home bags and get their parents to tell them where their families came from (originally) and bring a family picture in.  I want to map all the different cultures/nationalities that are present in our room – I think that it will be a great conversation starter for my grade ones!

They also brought home their spelling today – tomorrow will be their pre-test since there was no school Monday this means only one practice night.  However, tomorrow morning we are going to be done word work to go through the words and the test in the afternoon.

Week Two Spelling Words










Challenge word: made

Reminder: Book orders due tomorrow.