Math masters!

Math Masters!

My class is becoming a group of math masters.  Today we wrapped up our pattern review (although they called it just a pattern book – the word review scares them ).  They did really well.  We also started working on some other final reviews so that I can determine exactly where they are for reporting.  I want it to be as accurate as possible. We are working on reviewing number sequencing, one more, one less, being able to express numbers in words, pictures and numerals, as well as skip counting (we are working on 2, 5, and 10 daily).

We did word work today – and played word family bingo.  They each chose nine word family words to put into their bingo cards and then I got to be the caller.  This is a great way to help them with word recognition and letter recognition.  Without being able to see the word they must use other skills to find them (sounding out beginning and end letters, recognizing what letters look like, and finding word families inside of their words.)  We also worked on reviewing beginning and ending sounds using animals.  You can see the worksheets to the right.  They enjoyed this.  We did a mini-lesson on the board and they nailed some very hard sounds – blends like Ch for instance.

In bible we are wrapping up Jacob and Esau.  We learned about Jacob’s dream,how he wrestled with a man until his hip was disjointed and he received a special blessing and his name was changed to Israel, how him and his brother reconciled, and how God told him that he would be with him no matter what!

Reminders: Tomorrow is our pre-test in spelling.  We will be doing this first thing in the morning so that we can party in the afternoon.  We have some fun things planned!


Erica Hildebrand