I love my job :o)

Today we had a great day – of course. We started the day off with bible – it’s the best way to start a Monday.  We are wrapping up Jacob and Esau.  Today we learned about how Jacob tricked his father Isaac into giving him his blessing, after he had already gotten the birthright from Esau earlier.  We talked about how Jacob lied to his father three times.  If we lie we always have to keep lying to cover up our first lie.  What’s more is that Esau then pledged to kill his brother once his father died.  The consequences of lying are never good.  We used the example of telling your Mother you ate all of your broccoli.  If she happens to see some in the garbage as ask you again if you ate all your broccoli you will have to lie to her once more and would probably say something like “it was my sisters”.  If she asked your sister and she denied it was hers Mom would likely ask you once again and then you would have to lie a third time and she would probably know that you were lying and you would get in trouble.

We did our spelling lesson today – so word work will follow this week.  Spelling words this week;

-ed family-id family-and family


Today we completed our first pattern assessment – I got the kids to use a “leaf book” to create AB, AAB, ABB and ABC patterns to see if they understand the patterns enough to create their own. They should be done tomorrow, and then we will move onto skip counting and a number sense review so I can add this to their report cards, yes it is almost that time again!

We are also starting guided reading in November so we are doing another round of reading testing so that I can make groups that are compatible and can support each other. I am so proud of the grade ones, they are doing awesome. This will also add to what I can input into to their report cards and if the strategies we are using are working.

If you are ever interested in seeing some of the curricular work we do in the classroom you can check out my TPT (teacher’s pay teachers) store, it is new and not very full but it is up - http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Mrshildebrand .  I make a lot of our worksheet s and work books myself – there are free previews of things that I upload to my store. This is not a plug at all, a parent today asked me about where I get my worksheets or where they could buy things to use at homeJ. Some of the things we do will be uploaded and available for free download if you ever want to support your child’s learning at home. There is also a bunch of other really great material posted by other teachers there!

Reminder: Wednesday is School Spirit Day – so make sure you dress your little one up school colors (navy blue, silver, grey).  Book orders are due Friday.  Wednesday is the last day that the kids can say October’s verse to me.


Mrs. Hildebrand