I have, Who has??

Thursday was a very busy day – but busy is good :o).  We started with calendar and moved on to work on our new patterns – ABC.  They nailed this one very quickly; they are getting good at patterns. We looked at the letter pattern, colour pattern, shape pattern, and then movement (clap, slap, snap etc.).  We also sang We Will We Will Bless You while doing the left clap, right clap, leg slap. They enjoyed that. We will be looking at naturally occurring patterns more in depth next week – after all God created patterns; seasons, daily changes, patterns on animals etc.

We then played a game called I have, Who has?  One student with the specially marked card reads their card out first – “I have sit, who has hit?”  The student with “hit” replies by reading their card, “I have hit who has fit?” and so on until all 25 cards are done.

We played hang man with the spelling words today as a fun way to review them.  I targeted the words most of them were getting wrong. At the end of the day I printed off the practice homework and asked which students wanted extra practice before the test tomorrow– 17 took it home to work on.  That is awesome!

Today was also chapel – Mrs. Fournier was presenting and talked to the kids about using a filter for their words and actions – after all that is something God wants us to do.  We are to make our words and thoughts acceptable before Him!  When we got back to the classroom one student piped up and commented that now he has TWO filters; the coffee filter the principal had given them as a visual reminder of filtering our words/actions, and his heart!  That was so precious and led to an awesome conversation about the hearts role in our actions. My class has such a willingness to learn and I totally appreciate that!

In the afternoon we worked on writing a letter to one of our special students thanking her for sharing her show and tell with us and telling us all about how special she is! This takes a while since we try to do our very best work – but they value being able to write the student of the week a kind letter.

REMINDERS: Parent teacher interview appointment sheets went home, book orders are not due until next Friday, there is a Spelling test tomorrow, and chocolate money is PAST DUE.  Next week is Spirit day – and all students are ENCOURAGED to wear silver, blue, and white – the school colours and celebrate attending such as awesome school! What a blessing!