Happy Pumpkin Day

Today was officially Pumpkin Day in 1A – and we had a great time. We started our day by reading the Pumpkin Book.  This book talked about how a pumpkin grows and how the first settlers to North America learned to plant pumpkins from the women of local tribes and how pumpkins may have been eaten by many people on Thanksgiving over time. We talked about the different ways we liked to eat pumpkin – pie won out by far!

We then talked about what Thanksgiving is – about how people used to celebrate Thanksgiving to celebrate being thankful for the plentiful harvest of summer and the good food throughout the winter.  We made a word web of things we were thankful for – they had some great answers!  My family, my friends, God, good food, a warm home.

In the morning we made these really cute pumpkin “I am thankful” books. The kids did awesome at this! They used precut pieces to make pumpkins, then we pencil curled some yellow vines and a brown stem.  Them we added “bumps” with fall colors.  We stapled them together and voila – books!

We had our pictures taken – during first recess so we didn’t have to go outside! Then we had an awesome chapel – Mrs. Anderson presented to the kids about self-control and doing things that we may not feel like doing – just because they are the right things to do. My Grade ones were so amazing – I was very proud of them.

In the afternoon we opened up a pumpkin and used our senses to investigate it.  The kids were very funny – watching them touch the outside, the “meat” and then the strings and seeds was very entertaining. Pretty much everyone was willing to get a little messy.

We then each took a handful of goop and cleaned out the seeds and counted them.  I had the kids put them in groups so they were easy to count (rows of four or five for example) and they all did awesome!  I have to add up how many seeds we have and the closest guess wins a small prize.

We have a bunch of other great pumpkin related activities coming up over the next week or so.  I am super stoked.

REMINDERS: I am away tomorrow at an in-service so there will be a sub in the classroom.  There will still be a spelling test tomorrow – so make sure to practice your words! Scripture verses should be said by Monday at lunch – that is the last day I am willing to let the kids say their September verse so that they have enough time to practice for October.