Another awesome day in Grade 1!

The middle of the week already – where does time go?

We have changed a few things in the classroom that really seem to be working for the students!  In the morning when they come in they drop their bins into their desks and then they can grab a book and read on the carpet until O Canada comes on.  We have started doing calendar, then bible, prayer praise and worship first thing in the morning every day.  It is going very well and the kids seem to like the change!

Today we had our second bible test, on Noah and the Ark as well as the Tower of Babel.  They did awesome!

After gym and recess we did some word work with this week’s spelling words. There were three stations;

Rainbow Words: the kids roll a colour dice to determine the colour of the next letter in each of their spelling words.  They also get to write in marker – they love it.

Shake-a-word: the 10 spelling words are put into a jar along with a bunch of other objects; pom poms, sequins, mini leaves and clothes pins, marbles, beads, etc.  They have to shake the jar until they find and record each of this week’s spelling words.

Tic Tac Toe: just like the real game but with coloured words.  The kids have to draw spelling words from a coloured envelope (red or blue) and write those words in their colour on the Tic Tac Toe board.  They need to get three correctly spelled words in their colour in a row to win.

They really liked these stations!  They worked so well at them that I am going to add all three to our permanent collection.

We also have our first special student of the week show and tell.  After his presentation (part of which he used to read a story to the class and knocked my socks off!!) we all wrote him a letter thanking him for sharing with us and telling him how awesome we think he is.  He will get to take this book home on Friday!


There are some students who are not quite done some of our September work so it will be coming home with them Friday if they do not finish it by then.  Just wanted to give you all a heads up!