A Great End to the week!

Friday was a great day in 1a.  I try to usually come up with a new activity we can do – but this time I fell back on some of the ones the kids love the best.

We started the day talking about trusting in God (Psalm 31:14).  We looked some more at the life of Abraham and the promises that God made him; even though him and his wife Sarah were very old they would conceive a child, and that a mighty nation would be born from his line.  We had already looked at the part of Abraham’s life where he and his wife and Lot had left their homes because God promised them a new one.  The kids had some great feedback about how hard it would be to leave their homes, their things, the people around them, and only be able to take what they could carry – even if God promised them something amazing.

Well, once this promise was fulfilled, his son Isaac had grown up and God asked him to do something very hard – sacrifice his son.  So we talked about walking with the servants and then carrying the wood to create a fire with the son whom God has asked you to sacrifice.  We left off here – where Isaac asks his father where the lamb for sacrificing was.

This lead to a discussion about trusting God even when he asks us to do very hard things – like say something kind to a friend who hurt your feelings or giving the two dollars you were going to spend on candy into the offering bucket. We also talked about how God would never ask us to do anything that he would not be willing to do himself!  He may have asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac – but he himself would later send his son to die on a cross for us!  God was not a mean, uncaring God – but a loving God who often knows more about where we need to go and what we need to do than we do.  Our spirit will guide us if we listen!

After that we had praise time – which has hands down become the kids favourite time of day.  We jumped to Take it All and worshiped quietly on the rug to Our God by Hillsong.

We did our spelling test – which went better than last week.  I think the first test anxiety passed for most of the kids. If anyone would like to have some extra spelling work sent home – just let me know.  I prepare it anyways, some of the kids ask for some extra practice Thursday night. I think it is awesome that they are investing in their own learning.

We also read a new piggy and elephant book – Elephants Cannot Dance. We play acted the book and the kids pretended to be Gerald and get all the moves wrong.

We also started some new math books – our Big Tall Math Book.  It is adding and subtracting to sums under ten.  A lot of the kids still use their math bracelets to assist their learning – but that is awesome!  It helps them double check their answers and feel more confident about their math ability. I am so proud of how hard they are working.

I have found the funniest thing to get the kids motivated to clean up, line up, or get on task.  It is the online bomb timer - once they see it they rush to wrap up before they hear the KABOOM that tells them time is up.  Just a hint for any parents who are looking for ways to get the kids to tidy up, or want to give them a five minute warning - they love the bomb timer!


Mrs. Hildebrand