Today was a great day in 1A.  In bible we talked about how the bible is like a map and how sometimes the easy or quick choices are not the right ones – just like the offering made by Cain versus the offering made by Abel.  We also wrote in our journals about how we worship God – the kids had some great ideas.

During ELA we worked on some recall/sequencing/vocabulary.  I split the students into three groups and handed out three large labeled poster papers. “Words I Know”,  “What comes next”, and “My favourite part”.  The groups were all spread out on the carpet and drew answers to the three prompts.  Group work was awesome and they did some great work! We used the book “I Broke My Trunk” by Mo Willems.  The kids are loving the Piggie and Elephant books.


In the afternoon we made “pattern/adding/subtracting” bracelets.  It was a quick assessment of how the kids are understanding patterns and gives us a fun tool to use for our next math book which starts our adding and subtracting.  Each student was given a white pipe cleaner and told to use 20 beads to make a pattern.  They did awesome – we still have a bit of work to do with patterns but we are getting there.

God Bless.

Mrs. Hildebrand