Thank God For Fridays!

Friday was a busy but rewarding day in Grade 1A.  One of the parents, Mrs. Chau was with us for the morning.  She is such a blessing to have in the classroom!  A million thanks!

We had a great Bible lesson about Noah and how he trusted in God even he did not see anything in the sky that might have told him that it was in fact going to rain.  Even when the people around him mocked him and questioned his God Noah trusted in God and stood firm in faith knowing that God’s word is true.

We did one last round in the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom centers, which the kids have really loved.

We also worked on a science/art project in conjunction with us studying seasons and how they affect the world around us.  We talked about the scripture verse in Ecclesiastes that tells us “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.  The students each got a large 11 by 14 paper with this scripture and four bare trees on it, one for each season. They were given a bunch of art supplies to cover the trees; mini leaves, cotton balls, small clear crystals, colored pom poms, dyed rice, flower and butterfly stickers and so on.

I was SO proud of the good work that they did – they worked very hard on doing not only correct but excellent work.

To end the day we took a nature walk and used our senses to be season detectives and “detect” the season changing; we heard geese and leaves crackling, we saw green as well as yellow and red leaves on the tress, some trees still had lots of leaves and some only had a few.  We smelled fresh leaves and the mustier smell of dried damp leaves. It was a lot of fun and they made some great inferences!

God bless and have a great weekend!