Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a Blast!

This week we began a series of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom activities.

Monday we read the book during read aloud and snack – the kids loved it


Tuesday we had blindfolded taste testing.  We tried two kinds of coconut; long sweetened and short unsweetened.  We talked about how our senses told us different things about each; how they smelled, how they felt, how they sounded when we chewed them, and how they tasted.  We graphed which coconut we liked better – the long or short, or neither.  We used this graph to talk about more, less, and start counting up to prepare us for adding.

Wednesday we started Chicka Chicka Boom Boom alphabet activities with a cut and paste uppercase and lower case coconut tree match up.


Thursday we started our centers. We have an alphabet center where the students have to create an alphabet line and then use this line to complete “which letter comes next worksheets” and “alphabetical order of letters” worksheet. In the colouring center students practice reading and recognizing colour words and colouring the letters and coconut trees the right colours (they were quite happy when I told them if they needed help the colours were written on the crayons!).  In the Math center students are given a pile of addition cards (for instance 1+7=) with two coconut trees on them, each containing the number of coconuts recorded in the number sentence (one coconut on one tree and seven on the other for the previous example).  The students must choose from three given answers (on the 1+7= card they can choose from 4, 11, and 8).  I showed them how to count up using the coconuts as a jumping off point. At the computer center students listen to a storyteller give a very animated reading of the book that is interactive. There is also a lock building center to allow the students some time to just play.

Our class is very much enjoying the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme.  This next week will wrap up our activities in this “unit”.

We are also wrapping up our number and letter review booklets and have studied the Creation and are now onto Cain and Abel and the first family.  On Friday we talked about sacrificing with a grateful and willing heart and how family is a gift. We prayed for our families and friends in pairs and as a group - my class has some real prayer warriors in it!

A note to parents; many of the students are still working to remember their letter sounds – if you are interested in helping them practice them at home check out this song à http://www.starfall.com/n/level-k/song-abcs/load.htm?f .  We sing it in class and most of them realy enjoy it.  It is a fun way to get them to review their letter sounds.

I apologize for not updating for some time, but my laptop hard drive was fried during the windy evening last week - leaving me computerless for several days!  We are up and running now!