A BIG BOOK day in 1A

Today, in the morning, we worked on our French rainbows and practiced our cutting and French colour recognition.  The highlight of this for me was when several of my students  broke out into the chorus of Chris Tomlins’ Holy is the Lord  (you can check it out here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_bEzvAHbvo ) and then most of the class joined in.  It was AMAZING.  I have a praise and worship team in my classroom!


In the afternoon we read the book “A Color of His Own” by Leo Lionni.  It is about a chameleon who is upset that he does not have a color of his own even though everything else around his does.  The ending of the story is quite cute.  The kids liked it a lot.


We then took photocopies of the pages and created BIG versions of the book on 11 by 14 paper.  The students each wrote out the words from the page I gave them and had to draw a picture of their own to demonstrate their understanding.  We had some very creative pages – a lot of personal detail to many of them.  I am going to have the book laminated and then the kids will be able to reread it over and over.  The book uses many of the sight words that we are practicing so it will reinforce their learning.


Just a few reminders: picture day is coming up – so you need to return the forms with pose and colour choices.  Also book order forms are due October 10th.  Memory verses can be repeated to me until the end of the first week of October. Next week “I am Special” starts – the student schedule is in the booklet I sent home during the Parent Teacher Fellowship.

God Bless

Erica Hildebrand